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Is your piano in need of repairs?

Your piano can be an incredible addition to the rest of your home. Both stunningly beautiful and able to produce gorgeous music, pianos can offer function and appeal for generations if protected and preserved properly. Let our family-owned and operated company care for it.


If your piano has been damaged, is aged, or hasn't been properly maintained, give us a call and put over 35 years of experience behind your repairs.

Restore the power of your piano

• Sticking or rubbing keys

• String repair or replacement

• Key top replacement

• Hammer repairs

• Action repairs

Repairs for all types of pianos

• Grand pianos

• Upright pianos

• Antique pianos

Give us a call to ask about our service coverage area. Let us take care of your piano repair or tuning needs.

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Ensure your music is clear and brilliant

Even if your piano is not damaged, if it hasn't been tuned properly, you cannot achieve pure, accurate music. Let us ensure you can create the music you want to create with professional piano tuning services.

Ensure your piano provides generations of enchanting music

Customers get your

expert tuning, call now!

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